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Dynacord Powermate3


Met de PowerMate3, presenteert Dynacord de derde generatie van één van de meest succesvolle versterkers ter wereld. De functies van de PowerMate3 zijn indrukwekkend. De PowerMate3 is compacter, 30% lichter dan zijn voorganger en heeft meer vermogen.
"Always Best to be First"
Innovation as Tradition
DYNACORD can draw upon a 65-year tradition in the development and manufacture of mobile mixing amplifiers. Its first innovatory step was the integration of signal mixing and power amplification with compact, portable devices; this was soon followed by models that brought echo and reverberation on board. DYNACORD can therefore be considered the ‘inventor’ of the power mixer. To this day, nothing in the fundamental concept has changed, though, of course, ever since the PowerMate was first introduced, all the functional units have conformed to the highest professional standards. Never has there been the faintest suspicion of a compromise-based "cheap solution". Quite the reverse, in fact.
More Power, Moore Effects, More Extras was the watchword of the developers of the ‘original’ PowerMate, and their exemplary realization of these aims set a new standard in mixing desks with integrated effects units and power amplifiers. In the PowerMate, the professional user has a mixing desk, multi-effects unit and power amplifier that is capable of delivering concert sound performance, that is compact and portable but nonetheless a very powerful system solution, and that as a small-PA leaves nothing to be desired. The same spirit of innovation has dominated the further development of what was already an exquisite piece of technology and finds expression in a wealth of technical details, in its user-friendliness, its reliability and safety of operation, its efficient energy management and its superb styling. The perfection of every component reflects the passion of the developers. "Perfection.Passion.PowerMate"
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The Ideal Solution for an Enormous Variety of Applications Whilst for a great many live music applications an integrated solution in the shape of a powered mixer has long been the proven and preferred alternative, PowerMates, with their flexible performance profile, soon found acceptance, too, in such places as hotels, churches, halls, music schools, clubs and restaurants as well, naturally, as in the rental business, being convenient, compact, light and very simple to operate systems for small to medium-sized events.
Auteur: Markus
Dynacord Powermate3